Please contact July Nicholas to schedule your individual consultation prior to class start date.
This session includes Postural Analysis, Range of Motion Assessment and health history.

• If you are currently undergoing treatment prescribed by a physician, a Medical Release must be obtained prior to your first class

• Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and any compression garments as prescribed by your physician

• Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, lotions or oils as they may interfere with your practice

• Please bring water and/or fluids to remain hydrated

• Yoga mats/props will be provided but you may choose to bring your own

• Depending on advice from your physician and/or nutritionist, please eat prior to class according to your individual needs (i.e. normally a large meal is not eaten 2 hours prior to class)

• Please check our Facebook page for announcements regarding class (i.e. inclement weather closings, etc.)

• To honor your practice and the beginning of your yoga journey, please arrive a few minutes early to allow time to quiet your mind and set your intention for class.


Equip yourself with the

knowledge you need

to safely work your way back into health and fitness!


July C. Nicholas

Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist.
The first yoga class of its type in the

West Georgia Area!

At home programs also available

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