After a cancer diagnosis, patients may find themselves confused, distracted and even devastated.
Sometimes cancer patients are subjected to painful, invasive treatments.

Yoga, as an addition to the cancer treatment plan prescribed by your physician, can produce positive results.
Although yoga is not a cure for cancer, when it is used a as complementary therapy, it can help the body to process and alleviate toxins more efficiently, improve circulation, improve sleep, lower pain levels, reduce anxiety and depression and improve quality of life.

Yoga also helps cancer survivors as well as caregivers, deal with the stress and anxiety that a cancer diagnosis may bring. Renew also offers yoga classes to those with chronic illness, such as heart disease, stroke, arthritis, etc.

When the body moves into a gentle, relaxing state, our minds will follow.

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Benefits achieved through the practice of yoga:
• Improved Mood
• Increased Strength
• Pain Prevention
• Improved Flexibility
• Mental Calmness
• Stress Reduction
• Body Awareness


Equip yourself with the

knowledge you need

to safely work your way back into health and fitness!


July C. Nicholas

Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist.
The first yoga class of its type in the

West Georgia Area!

At home programs also available

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